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Vincent Sullivan


Born and raised in the Boston area, Vince lives in Denver, CO. He graduated from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY and Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA. (BS, MBA degrees in Finance)

Vince worked in the financial services industry for the majority of his career until recently, when he went to work at CollegeInvest, the State of Colorado 529 Plan Administrator. While at CollegeInvest, he became inspired with how powerful 529 plans can be as a savings vehicle for college as well as a vehicle to help people receive valuable state tax deductions. His passion now is to help people, whether they have children or not, understand how 529 plans operate to help make college more affordable.

Outside of work, he enjoys travel, spending time with his family and friends, is an avid sportsman, enjoying downhill skiing, hockey, mountain biking, tennis, and scuba diving. His personal goal is to have one new experience each and every month and has led to his having some amazing experiences!