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Mission: Connect college expenses with tax savings.

529 NOW aims to increase 529 College Saving Plan assets and participation through continuing education, promotion, consultation, and speaking engagements.

529 NOW works with State Plan Administrators, 529 Plan Managers, Tax and Financial Advisors, and Estate Planners. 

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The Beginning

529NOW's founder, Vincent Sullivan, has worked within the financial services industry for over 20 years, and most recently has worked for the State of Colorado and the CollegeInvest organization. For the majority of his career he has been focused on business development efforts. In his current role, he focuses on working with tax and financial advisors, helping them gain a more thorough and practical knowledge of how 529 plans can help their clients, whether it be from a tax, savings, financial aid, or estate planning perspective. Through seminars, continuing education programs, and individual meetings with advisors and their clients, 529NOW assists by helping people select the right plan(s) based on their circumstances, and then helps them become enrolled and start saving using the tax-efficient benefits associated with 529 college savings plans, both on the federal and state level.


“Paying for college does not need to be out of reach for the average American family. 529NOW helps people realize their dream of going to college and beyond through establishing good saving habits and taking advantage of tax benefits available to everyone."

— vincent Sullivan, FOUNDER

Contact me for more information:

vsullivan@529NOW.com, or 720-318-9765